Packaging Design

For our customer in the food sector, we design consumer packaging with added value. We always focus on three key elements: design, ease of use and sustainability.


Soup packaging with braille

Naturally Tasty produces organic soups with a clear mission: to provide everyone in the Netherlands with the opportunity to enjoy a healthy meal.

In line with this mission, we paid special attention to convenience and accessibility in the development of the new packaging. The result is the very first soup packaging with braille!


Happy Lawn

With its new concept, Barenbrug combines grass and flower seeds in one package for a lawn with mowable flowers.

We designed a user-friendly package with two compartments and one opening. This makes it easy to evenly distribute the grass and flower seeds in the perfect ratio.


The Frozen Butcher

Zandbergen's products were ready, but the question was how to market the hamburgers as a premium frozen product.

Together with the Foodatelier, we developed a packaging concept that truly brings craftsmanship to the freezer aisle. The result stands out in its simplicity: a packaging that differentiates itself on the shelf with a unique shape and contrasting colors.


Everyday Icecake

Boermarke sought a packaging solution for a completely new frozen product: a combination of ice cream, cake, and sauce.

The packaging is designed above all for an optimal user experience, with a focus on convenience, enjoyment, and sharing. Additionally, it is the thinnest packaging on the shelf!