Care for Design

Nowadays, it's all in the details regarding product design. This goes beyond paying attention on trivial aspects, such as shelf life.

Ultimately, a good design is about creating added value for the user and the customer. We only design for relevant issues and create added value for food, product and process. We look at this from three different perspectives:


The way people behave is mostly affected by their subconscious mind and is based on emotions. The design of a product has a huge affect on the way in which people emotionally feel connected with - and experience or evaluate a product. A good design creates emotional value and distinguishes a brand from the competition.

Therefore, the design of a product has a direct effect on sales. We believe that well-designed products and packaging are a combination of form and function: attractive, well thought-out and easy to use.

Ease of use

User-friendliness is essential for us: it ensures that consumers continue buying or using products. Looking at the aging population, it is an important condition for us that design is inclusive: usable and user-friendly for everyone.

You could think of an intuitive and ergonomically designed product that is easy in use by older people. Or a packaging with braille, so that visually impaired people can shop more easily.


Obviously, we never use more material than necessary in our design approach. A product needs good protection, but it should never be over-dimensioned.

In order to design sustainable, we look in detail at materials, production processes and especially structural packaging design. Consider, for example, products with a long lifespan. Or efficient packaging design that is designed for reuse and recycling.