In the food sector food must be processed and packaged hygienically and efficiently. We tackle every project based on the technical and financial wishes of the customer and always start from new business.

Thanks to our know-how with regard to packaging and food production processes and our knowledge of legislation and regulations, we always offer a suitable solution.

We simulate processing steps and produce mock ups. Always at an early stage within the design process in order to identify the (im)possibilities directly from the start!

Digital Chef

We developed Digital Chef to help businesses to develop, investigate, pitch and sell new products in a highly cost-efficient manner. Real-time adjustments allow for rapid digital prototypes before spending anything on production. Our interactive 3D content is the new standard for development, marketing and education.


When it comes to packaging design in the food industry, we see that the degree of flexibility in designing and developing new packaging is too limited. Smart use of the latest tooling enabled us to design flexible product packaging lines within a limited timeframe.