Form and functionality are the most important factors for us in the design and engineering of consumer-friendly packaging.

We integrate insights from the market and consumer with technical packaging requirements during the entire design process.

Our methodical approach, knowledge of technology and creativity contribute to a successful implementation of packaging within the market.

Everyday Icecake

Boermarke wanted a new product in the frozen category that focuses on enjoyment and sharing - a concept that goes beyond just a new flavor.

Everyday IceCake differentiates itself from its competitors with a unique packaging design and serving experience!

Emmi All In One Fondü

Consumers spend less time cooking. Convenient solutions are rising in popularity. For the Swiss company Emmi this has been the reason to reinvent the cheese fondue.

The new Emmi All In One Fondü effectively combines product and packaging, and was launched in the US, Canada and the Netherlands. Ready-to-(h)eat - quick, easy and delicious cheese fondue at any time!