Deli2Go by Shell

the objective

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Driven by the government but also by consumer needs.

Deli2Go by Shell wanted to develop a sustainable solution for the disposable paper cups of tea and coffee that at the same time looks attractive and is easy in use.



The experts of DiDutch designed a unique double-walled disposable to-go cup.

Thanks to the unique transparent cup, Deli2Go by Shell was able to give coffee and tea a new experience.

Design & Engineering


DiDutch has translated consumers€™ wishes and needs into the design of the to-go cup. Transparency and isolation were the most important factors from consumers€™ perspective.

These two factors were combined in the transparent and double-walled to-go cup.



Different shapes, models and functions have been developed and designed by DiDutch. With the help of rapid tooling, Deli2Go by Shel was able to generate one-to-one models and do tests with them.

From this, Deli2Go by Shell gained insight into how the final product should be designed.



By generating the different models, DiDutch and Deli2Go by Shell were able to achieve the desired product. The models were used during market tests at various locations.

In response to the positive outcome of the market tests, Deli2Go by Shell decided to introduce the to-go cup in the Deli2Go shops.

Proof of concept

Increase market share
Stores in the Netherlands

Available at Shell / Deli2Go since April 2017