the objective

The consumer has less time to cook and eat food product quickly and easily. For the Swiss company Emmi this has been the reason to reinvent the cheese fondue.

This has resulted in a high-quality ready-to-use cheese fondue product and packaging.



Emmi, world market leader in Swiss cheese, was looking for an innovative product that meet the needs of the consumer and the latest food trends.

Together with the University of Twente and Adargh, DiDutch has developed a solution. This resulted in a sustainable ready-to-use cheese fondue.

Design & Engineering

During the entire development process, attention was paid to sustainability; Tin is the most recycled packaging, the materials are easy to separate and the container is reusable.

The innovation lies mainly in the combination of material use, shape and production technology.



Form and function were enormously important when designing the holder. By using a 3D printer, the required properties could be made visual.

Based on this print, improvement points could also be implemented in the design.


For Emmi’s ready-to-use cheese fondue, aspects such as temperature and the height of the holder were of great importance. This has been extensively tested. Furthermore, the most suitable material has been examined.

Ultimately, a 2K injection mold was designed for this, with rubber parts to ensure that the can remain in its place within the holder.

proof of concept

Stores in Europe and Canada

Finalsit Gouden Noot Award 2016