Zwanenberg b.v.

the objective

When it comes to packaging design in the food industry, we see that the degree of flexibility in designing and developing new packaging is too limited.

Thanks to FreeForm it is possible to design any desired packaging with a delivery time of 2 days.



FreeForm is a project where it is possible to produce any desired packaging on any production line within a limited timeframe.

Smart use of the latest tooling gives us the possibility to design flexible product packaging lines in the short term.

Design & Engineering


Nowadays, making  use of less packaging material is the norm. With the latest tooling, DiDutch supports its customers to implement this trend in their production process. 3D printing is an important part of this.



Thanks to the use of rapid tooling, DiDutch is able to respond adequately to its customers’ wishes and ideas. Various prototypes were developed and tested prior to implementation.

Based on these production tests, various improvements have been made in terms of shape and material.



There are constant developments within the FreeForm project. To ensure that the implementation of these developments runs smoothly, production tests are carried out at various locations.