the objective

The ice cream category consisted mainly of ice cream scoops and tubes. The current assortment was mainly focused at the individual.

Boermarke wanted a new product in the deep-freeze shelf that focuses on enjoyment and sharing, not only a product with a new flavor.



Boermarke was looking for a new product to strengthen its market position. The Foodatelier has taken the lead in this.

With its expertise, DiDutch has developed the unique packaging for the IceCake.

Design & Engineering


DiDutch has translated the wishes and requirements from the concept into a 3D design model. All components were included, think of the cup, sleeve and content. In addition, design protection has also been carefully considered within this phase.

This has resulted in the thinnest packaging within the ice-cream shelf.



DiDutch designed the current packaging with prototyping. Several mock-ups have been made and tested. This resulted to the correct number of fingers for the IceCake packaging.

The current package has 8 fingers, this ensures that the IceCake comes out of the packaging smoothly and can be served nicely on the table.



Thanks to the various prototypes, DiDutch could provide Boermarke quickly a test mold. This mold enabled Boermarke to start the trial production of the IceCake.

This allowed the critical factors to be noticed and subsequently eliminated. This is how Boermarke came up with the optimum packaging.

Proof of concept

Increase market share
Stores throughout Europe
Industrial design awards